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Who We Are

We’re a mobile health technology company tethered to the real world via physical products and devices. We provide overworked clinicians in low-resource settings tools to reduce the number of menial tasks that take them away from direct patient care and improve the quality of care they can provide.

Our Approach

When designing new products and implementing existing products at new sites, we follow Human-Centered Design principles. We don’t drag and drop: when taking one of our products to your location, we take care to make sure the technology is appropriate for your setting, user-friendly for your staff, and capable of being repaired (if not created!) locally. Our goal is to create sustainable interventions that require little to no maintenance once established and set up.

Our Story

Our founders observed two very different places that had very similar problems. In the Gaza Strip, we studied a clinic in a refugee camp that experienced regular shortages of essential vaccines. Every time the clinic ran out, parents would spend the day calling in, hoping to get their children first in line when a new shipment arrived – and a nurse would spend the day answering the phone, instead of caring for patients. In an HIV-stricken village in Malawi, we met a man who had stopped making the 6 mile walk to the nearest clinic for basic health supplies. “Every time I go, they’re out. I’ve gone five times. I lose an afternoon of work just checking.” We came back to Houston shaken by how these seemingly simple problems posed such a great barrier to health access, but dedicated to bridging a crucial information gap. Our founders were drawn together by their mutual desire to combine health care, technology, and international development; they also shared a mutual frustration with the focus mobile health startups tend to have on Africa, and the lack of such ventures in the Middle East. Our team aims to take mobile health further and develop products that reduce stress and wasted time for clinicians thereby increasing the quality of care provided to a patient.

Our Mission

Dunia Health is dedicated to creating products that are simple to use, require little maintenance and have a tangible impact on the quality of care delivered by clinicians, the well-being of the patient, and the daily workload of a clinician. We are dedicated to developing technologies that are innovative, low-cost, adaptable to any environment, versatile in their function, and have mobile phone capabilities to increase communication and data collection efficiency. Dunia Health strives to improve neonatal health by keeping parents informed about and involved in their child’s health, and by creating a work environment where clinicians can deliver the highest quality of care possible. Hospital and clinic workers in low-resource areas often are responsible for the care of dozens of patients simultaneously. This includes taking vital signs, documenting histories, checking-in new patients, examining patients, responding to emergencies and a whole host of other tasks in varying degrees of complexity. A health worker faces a significantly amount of on-the-job stress and simply does not have the time necessary to dedicate to every patient. These mistakes can be the difference between life and death, an accurate diagnosis and a misdiagnosis, and a personalized treatment plan or broad-spectrum antibiotics. Patients deserve to have access to quality healthcare, regardless of where they live. We want every baby’s chance at survival not to be dependent on where they were born.

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